“Thank you for helping us resolve a decade long problem so quickly.”

“I sincerely appreciate the calm compassion you showed us through this process.”

“[You] were fair, and showed us things we hadn’t thought about.”

“You kept the atmosphere calm and helped guide thoughts to a decision.”

  Linda Gryczan

Certified Mediator with additional Family Designation
Advanced Practitioner


Divide your finances fairly, so you both will have the resources for a fresh start.

Learn to cooperate, even if you don’t get along.

Decide how your children will get the best of both of you–while you raise them together in separate households.

Find long term solutions to conflict.

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Conflict Coaching

Are you ready to transform a conflict?

Invest in one-hour conflict coaching sessions. Gain insight and discover a better way.

Linda will guide you through a series of questions to deepen empathy and understanding.

Shift yourself. Shift the conflict.

Gain skills that will help you for the rest of your life.

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Train employees to communicate effectively so everyone can do the best job.

Transform differences into strengths for a diverse and dynamic workplace.

Create an effective and efficient organization where people work together as a team.

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Look at short and long term goals, focusing on your best options.

Set realistic goals and create an action plan with built-in accountability.

Resolve conflict so everyone works together effectively.

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“I was determined to find the right mediator for our situation, and clearly that happened…I’m amazed at your ability to say the right words on the spur of the moment and calm the waters.”

K.M. from a family property dispute

“I believe your services as a family mediator are unsurpassed! Your methodology is so unique and thoughtful, it disarms so much of the hostility felt by people experiencing the painful process of ending their marriage.”

Roberta Cross Guns
Attorney, Helena, Montana

What Linda Can Do For You

Have a child centered divorce.

A parenting plan where the children get the best of both of you.

Divide property fairly so everyone can move on.

Help you change the conflict in your life

Resolve conflict in the workplace

Help families agree on property

Facilitate meetings

Restorative Justice