Should I Confront?

Solutions for Everyday Conflict by Linda Gryczan, Mediation Works

Dear Abby, My daughter’s husband is sending me suggestive texts. How do I confront him?

Dear Abby, A friend did something awful. I have been cold and distant, but I want to send a letter to
confront her.

Dear Abby, When I invite friends over, they always bring their dog. How should I confront them?

That’s what conflict feels like when it is avoided or delayed. It grows to the point where confrontation seems the only way out.

Hold on.

People intuitively know it will not go well, or they wouldn’t be writing Dear Abby. A better question is, WHAT do I need?

The second, HOW do I best tell them? Text, email, phone or in person? Decide how to calmly address the situation.

For example:
Text, “I am not comfortable with these texts. They need to stop.”

In person, “Next time in this situation, would you be willing to do this___ instead?”

By phone, “Fido is a wonderful dog, but my house isn’t set up for pets. It would work better for me if you leave her at home.”

What is more likely to get you the outcome you want? Blasting people with built up anger, or making a firm and friendly request?

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