Turn Complaints Into Requests for better communication

Solutions for Everyday Conflict by Linda Gryczan, Mediation Works

So many of us speak in the language of complaints.

“This___ is what is wrong with that.”
“You don’t ever listen to me.”
“How come I’m always the one who has to _______ ?” 

What does it get us?

Not many people want to listen to our litany. And they often come back defensive or with unhelpful advice.

two people who need to turn their complaints into requests

Turning complaints into requests is a far more effective way to get what we need.

“Would you be willing to help me fix what is wrong?”
“I would like you to finish hearing what I have to say.”
“Will you please take a turn doing this unpleasant chore?”

What is more likely to get you the outcome you want?

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