Mediation Works Helps You Through the Difficulty of Divorce

Living together or married,
the decision to divorce is never easy,
And the process can be overwhelming.

Linda Gryczan of Mediation Works knows
you want what’s best for your children.
You want to save money and stay out of expensive court battles.
You will make better decisions than any judge.


Mediation Works will help you:

  • Gain clarity and confidence while you move through the divorce process, one step at a time.
  • Craft a cooperative parenting plan, so your children have the best of both of you.
  • Divide your finances fairly, so you both will have the resources for a fresh start.
  • Communicate, so you get the most of what you want.
  • Find long term solutions to conflict.

Divorce Mediation 10 Steps

How to Have a Cooperative, Child Centered Divorce

Can’t Cooperate?

Contact Linda here to take the first step in getting a cooperative divorce.

Not ready to call it quits?
Mediate to Stay Married