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What she can do for you

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Whether you are facing divorce, or in a neighborhood dispute, Linda can help you remove the burden of long standing conflict. She will help you move through your differences to create cooperative, long lasting agreements that work.


Linda will walk you through the entire divorce from beginning to end. Her easy to use forms and exercises guide you one step at a time, while you draft a parenting plan, deciding how to raise your children together in separate households. Even in the face of strong emotions, Linda will keep you focused on your mutual love for your children, while you come to agreement on what is best. You will have an attorney draft or review any documents before you sign, to ensure your legal interests.


Rich, poor or in between, Linda guides divorcing couples through a complete property settlement, helping you divide assets and debts, often working with a financial advisor to divide retirement, lower taxes and keep the most income within your family.


Linda facilitates groups large and small, enabling members of an organization to move ahead with productive conversation, self-sustaining structure, and clearly defined tasks.


Do you and your siblings disagree on what to do with family property?
Are you and your teen having trouble communicating?
Do you want help ending an estrangement?

Gather the brothers and sisters, include the rest by phone, and work with Linda to solve a single issue or long-standing and complicated disagreements.


If you are having difficulty updating your parenting plan on your own, come in for a quick tune-up. Linda can help you settle the issue at hand, and develop a framework for solving future disagreements.


This is for any committed couple who wants to create a more satisfying relationship. Meetings focus on asking for what you need in a way the other can hear, listening well, turning complaints into clear requests, and making agreements about future action.


Is it time to end a disagreement over money? Are you and a neighbor trading jabs over the fence? Why not end it in mediation?


Restorative Justice is a facilitated process where offenders meet with those they have harmed, learn the effect of their actions, and make things right. Linda can facilitate victim / offender dialog or coordinate a meeting between the perpetrator of a crime and the people impacted by it. Being able to tell offenders how you were hurt by their actions, and having them make reasonable restitution, brings healing to all concerned.