Mediation Works
Helps Your Workplace Move Forward

You work hard and care about doing a good job.
and conflict is getting in the way.

How much does it cost your business in wages and benefits
when people fight, criticize, complain and
try to work in a toxic environment?

What is the cost when good employees leave,
and you have to recruit, hire and train new staff?

Linda Gryczan of Mediation Works knows

  • Warring employees can learn to communicate and work well together.
  • The natural tension between different styles can be handled successfully.

Mediation Works will help you:

  • Train employees to communicate effectively so everyone can do the best job.
  • Transform differences into strengths for a diverse and dynamic workplace.
  • Create an effective and efficient organization where people work together as a team.
  • Create communication agreements that work.
  • Make a plan for when communication goes sideways.
  • Gain skills that will help you for the rest of your life.

Though it may not feel like it when you disagree, the best workplaces have people with completely different perspectives. I will work with your staff and supervisors to balance the natural tension, and help you create clear communication and a good working relationship.

Workplace Mediation in 4 Steps

Contact Linda here to take the first step to resolve workplace conflict. Click here to meet Linda and see a full description of her mediation services.